Busting 10 Productivity Myths

In our professional worlds, we often look for ways to be more productive and there is always someone who has advice. Much of the advice around productivity can often be debunked, so assess which of these myths you should rid yourself of.

1.     Early To Rise

Not everyone is a morning person, so not everyone will be their most efficient self in the early hours of the morning. If you thrive in the late morning, listen to what your body needs.

2.     Stop Procrastinating

Some people will work better under pressure, so having a harsher deadline looming may be the push and motivation that they need.

3.     Increase Communication

Many believe that shooting off email after email or stopping for a quick chat makes them productive members of the community. However, increased communication to show you are busy can end up showing your inefficiency and cause your colleagues to be less productive.

4.     More Equals More Efficiency

There is a fine balance between having enough work to feel challenged and too much work. More work does not equate to increased productivity and can overwhelm you to the point of inefficiency.

5.     Work Longer Hours

Lengthy hours can cause fatigue and reduce your ability to be productive. There are potential implications for exhaustive hours to negatively impact your work and output resulting in inefficiency.

6.     Cleanliness v. Clutter

It is theorized that some creative people thrive in messier environments, so you must find the right fit and balance of clutter or cleanliness for you.

7.     Pressure is Better

Pressure can boost the pace of work, but can also be counterproductive. While some may thrive in these circumstances, stress can result in an inability to make clear and sound decisions and increased stress can have longer-term implications.

8.     Being Productive Means Faster Results

Faster speeds are not always indicative of someone who is a more productive person. Don’t sacrifice efficiency for speed or you may end up spending more time fixing your mistakes.

9.     Multitasking Can Be More Efficient

With competing priorities, the answer is often to take on multiple tasks at the same time, but this can result in reduced output and longer processing time making you less efficient.

10.    Breaks Will Detract

Many believe that breaks detract from your focus, however, without taking breaks, you may experience brain and eye fatigue causing concentration issues. Take a few minutes to enjoy a break or schedule period breaks throughout your day to remain productive.

There are exist many myths around being productive. Take time to challenge those, as productivity looks different for everyone, including different strategies and implementation.