Fast Financing for Commercial Properties

To help you avoid traditional bank loans or to provide you with an alternative option, Premier Commercial Capital offers stated income commercial real estate financing as part of our services. We can help you secure this type of loan quickly, so you can do the work you need to without much delay.

Potential Means of Using This Loan

Business properties do not all come in a single size or a single type. Rather, there’s a range of properties that companies use to provide services, such as retail stores, restaurants, industrial warehouses, office spaces, auto shops, apartment buildings and so on. Our stated income loans can be used for all those property types, so you don’t have to worry. More than that, your business can use this loan for any of the following reasons:

  • Refinancing
  • Remodeling
  • Purchasing property
  • Growing capital
  • Building property
  • Consolidating debt

Three Main Benefits of Our Loan

One of the main benefits of a stated income commercial real estate loan is that it can be approved quickly because borrowers do not need to deal with mountains of paperwork or provide as many documents. Instead, your proof of income is needed, such as a W-2.

Another benefit that draws many people to this type of loan is that the loan is not necessarily approved based on your credit profile, although you need a score of 600. Rather, the loan’s different aspects including taxes, insurance and mortgage need to be covered by the property’s full value.

Lastly, the terms included in this loan also act as a benefit for borrowers. You can expect some variation of the following terms to be included in your agreement:

  • Amortization
  • 65%-75% LTV
  • Fixed rates
  • 25-year loan terms

Call for Your Stated Income Loan Today

Secure your stated income commercial real estate loan by calling us today. Premier Commercial Capital is here to help your business grow with the right financing.