Referral & Broker Program

Do You Want To Join a Team of Financial Experts?

At Premier Commercial Capital, our main goal is to help businesses grow by providing financial solutions. That type of work requires a team knowledgeable about which type of financing would help companies the most and dedicated to finding the right financing. If you think you would make a good member of our referral and broker program, please apply today.

Who We Help

We help companies looking for financial assistance, no matter how small they are or how long they have been in business. Our portfolio carries loans to help a range of industries, so we’re sure to have something for everyone. Essentially, we’re here for businesses that want to grow and succeed, but need a loan or financial backing to do so.

What We Look for in Potential Team Members

If you want to join our team, you should know there are certain qualities that come in handy with this career. For example, having an outgoing personality is often beneficial as it can help create a warm and welcoming environment for customers. It’s also important that you can listen closely to understand if one solution would be better than another to resolve a customer’s situation. Other characteristics include the following:

  • Motivation to carry on to the end of a project
  • Organization to stay on task
  • Friendliness to help customers relax
  • Confidence to create a sense of trustworthiness

How We Help Our Team

There’s no doubt that we’re able to help customers because of the hard work our referral and broker program members put into finding financial solutions. We provide you with a helping hand and rewards in the following ways:

  • Support to secure a financial solution
  • Guidance for career growth
  • Payment protection
  • Access to financing resources
  • Commissions for your work

Call Us To Take the First Step Today

Joining our referral and broker program starts with you giving us a call to schedule your interview. Our staff can answer questions you have about the job and help you take the first step.